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Kam Fung Café (Hong Kong)

Food blogging has always been an aspiration of mine.  But for years, I’ve forgone such endeavors, hiding behind excuses such as lack of time or my trademark “there’s only so many ways to describe food without sounding like a snob.”

But with the ink drying on my new life in a new city and a blog I can finally call my own, there’s no better time to put the excuses to rest and see what I’m made of.  And against all odds, I’m resolved not to come off sounding like a pretentious prick.  First up, Kam Fung Café in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district.

Fifteen months ago, I concluded an extended bout through Asia with a stop in Hong Kong that would ultimately be my last visit as a tourist.  During that trip, I was introduced to Kam Fung Café, a tiny coffeeshop / bakery, and while I don’t remember much of the meal, I coincidentally found myself staying mere paces from the shop upon relocating.  Now, I can get caught up in sentimental bullshit very easily, and with this place symbolizing a bridge between my last experience as a tourist and my first as a local, it seemed like a fitting spot for breakfast on my first day at the new job.

Kam Fung Café is a cramped, machine-like clusterfuck of an operation.  Lines of people extend down the street, bodies are rushed in and out of the place with systematic efficiency, and customers are awkwardly crammed into small booths and tables with strangers.  You may be lucky enough to happen upon a more leisurely experience during an afternoon lull but you risk missing out on the fresh-out-the-oven batches of goodies.

There’s a host of baked items available as well as typical Hong Kong café fare (i.e. instant noodles with spam) but the shining star is easily the pineapple bun (bo lo bao).

29 - Kam Fung Cafe (Hong Kong)

These are some of the best I’ve ever had but make sure you grab a fresh one in order to indulge appropriately.  A sweet, crispy crust sits atop a soft, pillowy bun that I wouldn’t mind resting my head on at night if given the chance. You can even order a slab of butter wedged into the midsection if you’re feeling particularly gluttonous.

I doubled back a few days later to grab yet another pineapple bun and sample one of their egg tarts (dan taat) as well.

30 - Kam Fun Cafe (Hong Kong)

Sadly, it was a disappointment.  Granted, it was far from fresh but even the hours-old rendition didn’t leave me feeling too optimistic.  The custard was bland and the crust was hard and unwelcoming.  I might have accepted this kind of nonsense in America but this is Hong Kong.  Cantonese specialties should be delicious by default here.

Regardless, the pineapple buns are good enough to keep me coming back so I’m sure I’ll find myself here many times over the coming months.

Now do me a favor and tell me I didn’t come off like a pompous little bitch.

Kam Fung Café
G/F, Spring Garden Mansion
41 Spring Lane,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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